Do you help your participants prepare to learn?

Are you harnessing all of the options available?

When asked if they help participants to learn, many facilitators would probably reply by saying “Obviously I do - I run the course!”.

And they would be right, of course.

But what if facilitators could leverage the power of an online platform to help learners in altogether new and exciting ways?

To illustrate how it’s possible to do more to help learners when training them online, imagine that you signed up for an introductory training course on quantum mechanics taking place at a local university. Ahead of arriving, you weren't given any materials to prepare yourself for this course and were expected to simply show up on the day and get stuck in.  

Unless you’re an expert on this subject - and why would you be if you were attending such a course- the chances are that you’d be a little confused by all of the concepts and language being used.

Now let’s imagine that this course was taking place online. And let’s also imagine that the course facilitator sent you a range of useful materials to digest ahead of the course starting. Instead of being baffled by the content, you’d likely be hitting the ground running.

What’s more, wouldn’t it be great if in addition to advanced reading, you were also able to communicate with the facilitator to define your own personal learning objectives? By properly taking the time to identify what it is you want to accomplish, you would be exceptionally well-positioned to benefit from the overall learning experience.  

If you did all of this in anticipation of this course, you wouldn’t be floored by the mention of subatomic particles and the Higgs boson, but would probably find yourself nodding along enthusiastically when it came to taking part in the course.

What this example hopefully illustrates is that by being prepared and setting your objectives, you maximise the outcome of your learning experience. In other words, by treating the preparation stage as part of the broader learning process, you’ll enjoy much greater benefits from any training you participate in.

What this example also demonstrates is that facilitators are able to better prepare learners when they’re carrying out their courses online. Specifically, they are much better equipped to shape the preparation process and ensure that is as helpful and bespoke as the courses they provide.  

Whilst it would be very nice if every learner took care to fully prepare themselves in anticipation of their training courses and arrived on the day with a clear understanding of the material planned to be covered, we all know that such learners are unicorns.

Life is a busy business and if getting prepared means wading through various email chains and messages, the reality is that many learners simply won’t bother. What’s more, if they’re not provided with suitable materials to study up on, it’s hardly reasonable to expect them to seek them out for themselves.

To overcome the busyness of life and to ensure that learners arrive fully prepared, we’ve created a platform engineered to accomplish such a task.

Enter GiraffePad

At GiraffePad, we’ve developed a streamlined solution that helps prepare learners ahead of their training.

Centralising the entire learning process, facilitators are able to use our platform to effortlessly:

  • Provide learners with materials and resources ahead of their training
  • Engage with learners to identify, discuss, and assign learning objectives
  • Create a virtual learning community that allows learners and trainers to interact with one another to share perspectives, experiences, and preparation methods
  • Build bespoke courses that effectively support their content and objectives
  • Create a clear schedule using an inbuilt calendar

Making it easy for facilitators to prepare learners, GiraffePad ultimately removes the chaos from running training courses and maximises learner outcomes. Ensuring that learners are suitably prepared from the beginning right through to delivery and beyond, the platform makes it easy for learners to derive the greatest possible benefit from their experience.

To find out more about the ways that GiraffePad can help to prepare and empower learners along their journey, get in touch or request a demo today.

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