For individuals and teams

  • Freelance trainers and facilitators
  • Coaches
  • L&D teams
  • Training consultancies

For all types of learning event

  • Large scale development programmes
  • Group workshops
  • Bite-sized learning sessions
  • Individual coaching

Before your event

Break the ice and get the conversation started. Have learners arrive primed and ready to go. Use personal objectives to design more tailored content. Put an end to lugging printouts around.

  • Share the purpose and objectives of the event
  • Provide access to resources
  • Collect learners’ personal objectives
  • Create a learning community
  • Handle individual questions and concerns

During your event

Ensure the enthusiasm, ideas and learning commitments are not left behind but securely stored and easy for you to follow up on.

  • Record flipcharts, whiteboards and any other learning output
  • Capture learners’ actions and commitments

After your event

Foster community and support the transfer of learning back in the workplace.

  • Easily collect feedback
  • Coach and motivate via private chat
  • Follow up and keep engagement levels high with group chat

Everything in one safe place

Life gets easier (and less expensive) with your tools in one place. GiraffePad lets you streamline your workload to manage events, start conversations and share content quickly and securely on any device.

Engage sooner for better results

Early engagement with learners means less warm up time during events and more quality time face to face. Build rapport, discuss ideas and get people talking before you even step foot in the room.

Easy-to-share content

No more lost notes or hours wasted printing costly handouts. Simply share your content before, during and after your event so that learners stay engaged on the day and can access resources later.

Boost engagement and accountability

Instant one-to-one and group messaging keeps the conversation going. Constant contact means you can answer questions, send reminders and share content remotely to keep learners on track long after your event.

Demonstrate added value

Delight your clients with dazzling results when you take control and engage with learners throughout the training process for the most efficient and effective experience possible.

Unlimited access on any device

After your free trial a monthly or annual subscription ensures ongoing access to all GiraffePad features for as many clients, learners and events as you like. Stay connected anytime, anywhere via your phone.

Happy Clients

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