Creation or Curation

Creating and curating in harmony leads to superb learning outcomes

There’s no denying that carrying out training courses online is different to carrying them out in-person.

We’re not just talking about the drinks in the bar afterwards, either.

No, we’re talking about how virtual training takes on a very different dynamic to in-person training. Specifically, trainers have less time with learners and stand to provide greater benefit by sharing content that can be digested in preparation of and between sessions.

As a facilitator, you will no doubt have developed your own unique approach to delivering the content which makes up your courses. You might, for example, be someone who creates oodles of original content that supports the subjects you cover in sessions.

Alternatively, you might have compiled a library of resources from around the web that learners have found to be useful when preparing and furthering the understanding of your topics.

Perhaps you combine these two approaches because you’ve found that creating and curating in harmony leads to a superb learning outcome.

However you teach, GiraffePad is designed to help you deliver your course materials in the same seamless and effective way that you do when carrying out this training in-person.

Found a fantastic video online that you think will provide value to your learners? No need to mass email them with an unsightly link, simply embed it on our platform and let us do the rest. Read an article that picks up on the central themes of your course? Post the link on GiraffePad to immediately update your learners so that they can enjoy the benefit of it, too.

Altogether, GiraffePad makes it easier than ever for facilitators to curate and deliver powerful training courses whether they’re made up of new or existing content. With the ability to effortlessly embed videos and share materials with learners via a centralised platform, facilitators are able to provide relevant materials in a far more organised way.  

It would be no stretch of a Giraffe’s neck to suggest that the platform is capable of engaging learners better than ever before. By making it easy for learners to access, digest and discuss resources, the platform provides advantages that simply wouldn’t be possible in even the best in-person training courses.

To find out more about how you can use GiraffePad to create and curate effective training experiences, get in touch with our team to schedule a demo today.

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