Learning needs to be challenging, accessing it does not

In order to learn, it’s crucial that all barriers are removed.

Much like exercise, learning is only ever beneficial when it presents a challenge. Indeed, it is only by taking on something a little tricky which shakes your understanding of things that your knowledge increases.

Think back to being in school and the first time you came across numbers. Whilst it might be tough to imagine a time when words like “multiplication” and “division” presented a challenge to you, there was a point where you had to stretch your mind to understand these concepts. Many years on from this point, you now use these concepts in your day to day life on autopilot, but only because you once challenged yourself.

Whilst it’s clear that learning certainly needs to test you if it’s going to serve up a reward, accessing it does not.

To return to the comparison with exercise, imagine how frustrating it would be to struggle through a workout because the treadmill you’re using keeps breaking down. Instead of reaping the benefits of physical activity, you’d be spending the entire time cursing the tool you’re relying on.

The same applies to learning online.

If your efforts are stymied by technical hurdles and you find yourself spending more time wrestling with multiple apps and wading through emails, the chances are that you’re not going to get any benefit from the content that’s buried away beneath all of this overload.          

In order to learn, it’s crucial that any and all barriers to information are removed.

At GiraffePad, we’re committed to doing just this.

Architects of a streamlined system and destroyers of clunky platforms, we’ve created a single channel and interactive system which fosters rather than frustrates the learning process. In other words, we’ve created a platform that learners and facilitators can rely on.

Centralising the entire learning process GiraffePad makes it easy to:

- Share materials
- Create a virtual community of learners and trainers
- Build bespoke and blended training programmes
- Integrate Zoom for more interactive instruction

Enabling facilitators to effortlessly organise and prepare learners ahead of their instruction, we’ve made sure that learners arrive at their sessions equipped with everything they need to participate in a meaningful way.

By bringing together everything that facilitators and learners need to arrange and deliver effective training courses, GiraffePad ultimately provides a brain-friendly solution to online training.

Altogether, GiraffePad ensures that learners leave their courses armed with actionable insights that provide long-term benefits.

To find out more about our online training platform, and how you can use it to empower learning with your participants and clients request a demo today.

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