How GiraffePad Helped a Training Company Be Even More Extraordinary

GiraffePad made building relationships with learners simple


Allowing the Extraordinary Training Company to live up to its great name online, GiraffePad provided a solution which allowed over two thousand participants to receive the training necessary to support the Scottish government aid recovery in the tourist sector.

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Presenting an exciting challenge, the Extraordinary Training Company approached GiraffePad after deciding to host a 10 week training programme online for the first time. Taking place over the course of ten weeks, the material was designed for supervisors, managers, and leaders of all levels. To ensure that the learning stuck, the Extraordinary Training Company wanted to host weekly live sessions and provide learners with additional resources as well as support.

Of course, whilst GiraffePad is capable of comfortably making all of this a simple and user-friendly process, the large number of participants meant that it really had to deliver if the course was to be a success.

Oh, and many of these participants hadn’t previously completed any training online before.

So, was our platform as easy to use as we say it is?

How GiraffePad Helped a Training Company Be Even More Extraordinary
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Following the completion of the course, we followed up with the lead trainer to find out how the participants got on learning with GiraffePad. As many were using an online learning platform for the first time, we were keen to find out what their experience was.  

It’s safe to say that we were over the moon to discover that learners immediately took to the intuitive design and found that they were able to easily learn and build relationships over the ten week course.

We were similarly delighted to find out that the trainers found it easy to pool all of their resources. This ultimately saved a lot of time as trainers were able to provide access to materials without spending hours emailing and corresponding with learners.

Interestingly, the feedback emphasised how GiraffePad was instrumental in creating and growing a community through the chat feature. With learners able to easily collaborate, there was a strong sense of collaboration that ran throughout the course and made learning online an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Altogether, we’re incredibly proud that GiraffePad was able to facilitate learning on a large scale and provided a warm introduction as well as a positive experience of online learning.

If you’re keen to find out more, why not get in touch with our team to discover how our platform can help you to fulfil your training needs. We’ll be happy to schedule a demo at a time that suits you, and answer any questions you may have.

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