GiraffePad Helps Specialist Training Provider Overcome Crucial Challenges

Discover How GiraffePad Empowered a Specialist Training Pro


Working together with SL Training and Development, we were able to identify and implement a powerful solution that removed a series of barriers which were impeding learner engagement.

Making life easy for SL Training and Development, GiraffePad provided a simple solution that allowed them to empower learners without any heavy lifting or costly setup fees.

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SL Training and Development provide specialist assessor training programmes to learners around the world. One of their latest projects is a programme designed for around twenty learners based in Doha to become workplace assessors in the railway industry. The content is fantastic, but the problem with delivering a course like this is that the time difference between the UK and the UAE makes it difficult for trainers to engage effectively with their learners. What’s more, these learners are also far more familiar with face to face training and are not experienced in using online platforms. This all becomes even trickier when you realise that these learners work different shifts and are not all available at the same time.

This meant that GiraffePad had to overcome a handful of obstacles. Namely, how to effectively engage learners who work different shift patterns and are on a completely different timezone to their trainers.

GiraffePad Helps Specialist Training Provider Overcome Crucial Challenges
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By using GiraffePad, the facilitator was able to plan and host two weekly sessions that helped to accommodate the learners working different shifts. This meant that the twenty learners were able to enjoy the same personal interaction with their course facilitator as before and join their sessions at a time that suited them. By hosting these sessions twice a week during the AM and PM for sixty minutes, it was possible for the facilitator to deliver and record the training so that learners could return to the material to ensure that it was properly understood. This ultimately allowed learners to return to and reference the material when completing self-directed tasks.

Of course, the usability of GiraffePad made the administration and access of these sessions as seamless as possible. Specifically, the facilitator was able to effortlessly integrate Zoom meetings with no sharing of links making it simple to join all of the available sessions. This allowed learners to decide for themselves which sessions to attend and meant that they could also use their own choice of device when attending.

These live sessions were designed to meaningfully engage learners, combining presentations from trainers, breakout discussion groups, and Q&A sessions. Helping trainers and learners to overcome language barriers, these live sessions provided an opportunity for those involved to gain clarity whenever necessary.

To supplement the live sessions, trainers were able to easily share session recordings as well as written resources and worksheets to help explain materials and measure the understanding of learners. These materials could be accessed by learners at their own convenience and helped solve the challenge presented by both the timezone and language barriers.

When it came to grading learners, the course facilitators were able to easily set up an option for learners to submit a portfolio of evidence which was used for acquiring their qualification.

When requesting feedback from learners regarding their experience of GiraffePad, SL Training and Development reported that they found it simple to use, were able to easily access their chosen sessions and receive the support they required.

Altogether, GiraffePad allowed SL Training and Development to deliver the kind of learning experiences they’re renowned for in a virtual environment. If you and your business are facing similar or totally different challenges, feel free to get in touch today. We’ll be delighted to provide a demo of the platform and to identify the solutions to help empower your training and learning objectives.

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