The Excel Lady

Removing the barriers preventing learner engagement


Working alongside the ‘Excel Lady’, a trainer who runs training courses for, you guessed it, Microsoft Excel, GiraffePad was able to identify and implement powerful solutions that removed a series of barriers which were impeding learner engagement.

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As the name suggests, the Excel Lady runs a number of different courses based around using Microsoft Excel. Over the course of time, the lady behind the brand encountered a number of challenges which were impeding learner engagement online. Specifically, she identified how it can often be difficult to ensure that learners are keeping up to speed with the actions she is carrying out in the work-along sections of her tutorials. Similarly, it wasn’t easy to quickly check that all of the learners had managed to open the correct files for the session. Obviously, if learners have the incorrect files open, or can’t find the files at all, the whole session quickly becomes pointless.

In addition to this barrier, the Excel Lady also found it difficult to assign homework, distribute resources for the course, issue Zoom links and post-course recordings without fetching multiple email addresses.

Altogether, these challenges made it a real struggle to coordinate and conduct training sessions online.

There was a clear and obvious need for all of the content to be accessible in one easy to navigate place.

A place kind of like GiraffePad.

The Excel Lady
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By using GiraffePad, the Excel Lady was able to easily centralise all of the course material into one place that learners could access to retrieve all of the information and materials necessary to complete the course.

By introducing a single and intuitive platform, participants quickly got accustomed to the system and were able to obtain all of the material they required and were able to easily follow along with the Excel lady.

They could also log into GiraffePad and review a library of course recordings if they needed to, allowing them to gain value from the course long after the sessions had concluded. The course facilitator could also upload follow-up resources to one centralised location as opposed to individually sending it to each learner’s address without worrying that it would get lost to a spam or junk folder.

To find out how GiraffePad can be used to empower your training courses, and how the platform can resolve any issues you’re facing, be sure to get in touch to schedule a demo today.

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